Lady’s mantle (Frauenmantel)

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Lady’s mantle (Frauenmantel)

Veröffentlicht von Petra Hauser in Natur · 23 Juli 2019
We usually meet them on lush cow or horse pastures, in partially shady meadows, at forest edges, on stream banks and near sources. Daisies or yarrow like to keep companionship, a reliable pointer plant is also the broccoli root. But the big sister of Alchemilla is the larch. The lady's mantle populates the rich soil of light larch forests.

The lady's mantle contains a very powerful mixture of active ingredients. In the drug-oriented herbal medicine, the woman's coat is one of the so-called Gerbstoffdrogen, the main effect is referred to as astringent.

The mildly astringent property of the tanning agents of the women's coat is used:
• for the treatment of inflammation of the skin
• for the treatment of inflammation of the mucous membranes
• for binding heavy metals
• to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses
The salutary ingredient complex of the woman's coat works:
• Anti Rheumatic
• bleeding-regulating and antihemorrhagic (acting on the coagulation system of the blood)
• to protect blood vessels
• hormone-regulating
• antispasmodic
The woman's coat looks back on a centuries-old healing tradition and is one of the most important domestic women's herbs. Alchemilla is used to treat luteal weakness. It is used, for example, for infertility, for heavy and long bleeding and for functional ovarian cysts. It also relieves breast tenderness.

Folk medicine, the herb is often used after birth to re-tighten the tissues. A Teekur is especially effective in case of control cramps, bleeding disorders, infertility or premenstrual syndrome, in pregnancy, childbirth and menopausal symptoms. Accompanying the tea is also recommended for mynomas, cysts, chronic chest disorders as well as subsidence, rheumatism or adult onset.

If women's mantle tea regulates menstrual bleeding, it is usually sufficient to drink 2-3 cups daily from the middle of the cycle until the onset of bleeding. This also applies to the increase in fertility or premenstrual symptoms. In cramps, you can also take the tea during the bleeding. Pause after about 6-8 weeks or grab another medicinal herb so that the body gets new healing effects. In moderation you can drink women's mantle tea without hesitation for many months. In chronic gynecological conditions, long-term use shows the best results.

If you want to preserve the full healing power of a fresh plant, the trituration offers itself: For 100 g trituration we need 50 g of fresh plant and milk sugar each. The finely chopped herb is pushed with the constant addition of powdered lactose with the mortar and grated until a uniform mass is formed - usually it takes one hour to do so. Spread the damp mass and dry in an airy place for 1-3 days. Dark kept for about a year.

An oil extract of lady's mantle is recommended as a skin care product. He cleans by its anti-inflammatory property. Women's mantle tea used in a therapeutic way, helps against large-pored skin due to the tannins. Germanic women have freshly crushed ribwort and lady's mantle used as a wound plaster or painted the juice in sore breasts on inflamed nipples.

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23 Jul 2019
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